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Harish Rawat  :  AI, robotics part of new AICTE syllabus Nov 27, 2017 07:12 am

As per TOI dated 26/11, First-year engineering students will study big data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics and internet of things and undergo mandatory induction programme and internships from the academic year 2018-19 as the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) has revised the curriculum for the four-year undergraduate programme. Officials said that the revised curriculum comes seven years after it was last updated by the AICTE to make engineering graduates more employable. The revised curriculum released on Friday will be adopted by all affiliated engineering colleges across the country from next academic year.

Is it an overkill, considering these courses need lot of foundational work in terms of mathematics, computer concepts, programming, exposure to real-life issues?

#1 reply on : AI, robotics part of new AICTE syllabus by Anand Jha Nov 27, 2017 07:16 am
It should be offered as Master's courses or at least electives not before 3rd years of BE programs. I feel, even Aerospace Engineering should be offered only as Master's program and it foundation is Mechanical Engineering. Sound knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and then pursuing Aerospace/Aeronautics (based on genuine interest) would be far more valuable for students than jump starting it in first year itself. Same is true for IOT/BigData/Artifical Intelligence etc.