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About Us

Skill Valence Management is an apt motto of Skillator. This is what it is exactly meant for. Remember elementary Chemistry, where reactions occur when valence of two elements complement each other. We strive to align those in need of a skill with those with possession of the same. Please register yourselves as a "Requester"or "Provider"of Skills in a particular Category

Skillator is three-in-one Skill Valence Management tool for you. You can make use of the Digital Library (Shared Contents), search and reach out to people who matter for your needs and participate in useful discussions (Discussion Forum). It is democratization of Skill Information - of users, for users and by users. 

You can participate in it by posting informative contents, reading and rating other's contents, triggering or participating in the discussions. And the best thing is you can monetize your efforts too. You can earn redeemable Skillator Value Index (SVI) by posting great contents, recommending Skillator to your friends and colleagues and initiating great discussions. You get rewarded for all of them. Views without ratings are not counted though.

Try it out yourself and see how your SVI builds by monitoring in your "My Accounts" page. You earn USD 1 for every 1 SVI earned and need to accumulate at least 100 points before you can redeem it. 

In case of any help, query, suggestions, please feel free to write to us at