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The raison d'etre of Skillator is Crowdsourcing of the skills of the user community. It is a three-in-one online platform with a Digital Library, Search and Reach tool and Discussion Forum. It is democratization of Skill information, by the Users, for the Users and of the Users. Please register yourselves as a "Requester" or "Provider" of Skills in one or more than one Category. 

Users can participate in it by posting informative contents (presentations, videos, web links etc.), reading and rating other's contents, triggering or participating in pertinent discussions. And the best thing is they can monetize their efforts too. One earns a redeemable Skillator Value Index (SVI), which builds on the number of views and ratings on their shared contents, number of replies to their discussion topics and number of referrals made by them. Views without a rating is not counted though. SVI can be redeemed by placing a request in the "My Accounts" section and it is redeemed through Paypal. Each SVI is equal to 1 USD and minimum of 100 SVI needs to be accumulated before it can be redeemed. Please open a Paypal account before redeem request. 


If you got it, don't just flaunt it but monetize it too and ask others to do the same. When you share a content in a skill area, an email notification goes to all users registered with the same skill. Hence your efforts never go unnoticed. 


In case of any help, query, suggestions, please feel free to write to us at